Flooring Partner specialises in a wide range of flooring solutions for interior and exterior application in residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Our flooring solutions range from colour cement, polished concrete, stone chip concrete, epoxy and polyurethane, to vinyl flooring with a product to suit every application whether you’re looking to cover 10 or 1000 square meters.


Backed by management with over 25 years experience and a team with almost a 100 years of experience in the flooring industry, we guarantee the highest quality workmanship from experienced applicators.

We aim to provide a service with integrity and quality at its core to leave customers satisfied with their new home or office flooring.



Concrete Flooring vs. other floors

When compared to other floors such as tiles, carpets, linoleum and wood, concrete comes out at the top across all criteria including cost, durability, ease of maintenance, hygiene and heat radiation.

Concrete and Screed: What's the difference?

Concrete and screed have the same material composition but each one is mixed according to its function with concrete being more hardy for foundation purposes and screed have a smoother mix for flooring finishes or as a substrate for the final flooring layer.

quality workmanship

We pride ourselves in our workmanship, providing clients a service they can be happy about, and we can too.

Affordable pricing

Our charges fall within and below industry rates depending on products selected and the square meterage covered.

experienced applicators

Our projects team experience in flooring solutions  spans almost 100 combined years of knowledge and practical expertise.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose concrete flooring?

Concrete flooring is durable and long-lasting and is easy to maintain and clean. This makes concrete flooring the best cost-option compared to other flooring such as laminated floors and tiles that require more maintenance and do not offer the same lifespan.

Do I need to remove my current flooring to apply concrete?

Concrete flooring can generally be applied over your existing floor in the case of tiles or painted floor surfaces. This makes it more cost-effective and quicker to apply.

Is concrete flooring environmentally friendly?

Due to its long lifespan concrete is a lot more environmentally friendly than other flooring solutions that require replacement which has an environmental effect. Concrete flooring also uses more natural materials than other flooring solutions.

With all this talk about durability, how long does concrete flooring last?

Our floors will last up to 10 years for residential applications, 20 -30 years for industrial and commercial products and 50+ years for grind and polished flooring applications.

Are concrete floors cold?

Concrete floors can be cold however, they will not be any more cold than a ceramic tile. It is possible to use concretes ability to naturally store and radiate heat by embedding radiant heating in the concrete when the floors are being applied.

Is there a product guarantee?

All our products do come with a guarantee raning between 1 and 10 years depending on the selected product.  The guarantee applies for the maintenance of the floor application and does not include inconsistency in colour as floors are applied by hand and no two floors can be an exact match.

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