Concrete stain flooring is different to just painting your concrete floors or using other flooring alternatives such as colour cement or colour screed. With concrete staining, there are two main methods of implementing the required colour and finish, namely:

Reactive and Non-reactive

Reactive stains are water-based acidic solutions containing metallic salts that react with the concrete’s lime content. Non-reactive stains are water-based acrylic stains that don’t rely on chemical reaction to impart colour. Instead, they are formulated to penetrate the concrete surface and deposit their pigment into open pores.

According to an article by Concrete Network, stain flooring is by far the most popular method for enhancing both commercial and residential concrete floors.

The main benefit apart from the various benefits given by the application of concrete floors is that with concrete stain, you can achieve almost any desired look, depending on your budget, making it the most versatile of the concrete floor solutions.

To seal concrete stain floors, we finish our floors off with 2 -4 layers of clear polyurethane with either matte, satin, gloss or high-gloss finish.