Grind and Polish, also known as polished concrete flooring is a type of flooring where the top layer of cement gets grinded until the stronger cement below the surface is reached, and then that cement is polished until the surface is smooth.

At Flooring Partner, we use two different methods to achieve the required finish:

3-Phase Method
7-Stage Method

Both these methods of polished concrete application can provide the desired matte, satin, gloss or high-gloss finish expected from a grind and polish floor however, the 7-stage method provides some aesthetic benefits that make for better look and feel.

With the 7-stage, due to there being no polyurethane coating, it brings through the grey colour of the concrete a lot better without the brown tinge that would be left with the polyurethane coating. In addition, the 7-stage provides a lot smoother surface where the 3-phase method often leaves the floor with a texture that can be compared to orange peel.

Overall, there is no specific benefit to the one method over the other except for the final finish.