Concrete and screed are both made of cement but what’s the difference?

To those not in the construction industry, it may be difficult to see or understand the difference between concrete and screeds. While they are both made of cement, which is a mixture of water and aggregates, they are different in their composition and also their function.

Concrete uses a much bigger grain (coarses) aggregrate with a different grade of cement and a different mix consistency as concrete’s function is to provide a rock-hard foundation on which screeds and flooring surfaces are laid. Concrete needs to be long-lasting and highly durable as it forms the foundation of the floor surface.

Floor screeds use a mix of smoother aggregates that contain considerably less aggregates than those required in concrete. Screed is applied on top of the foundational concrete slabs and is most often used as a finishing layer on internal floors or to level the floors before the final flooring finish such as vinyl, carpets, epoxy or tiles are laid.