Concrete performed much better when compared across multiple criteria against tiles and other flooring alternatives

Concrete flooring is becoming increasingly common in the residential market after great success in the commercial and industrial markets over the years.

When compared to other flooring surfaces including wall-to-wall carpets, wood, vinyl, linoleum and tiles, concrete flooring comes out on top across all categories as the more superior flooring surface.

In 2016, Concrete Network published a comparison between concrete and other flooring materials across multiple criteria and the results showed that when it came to variety, longevity and performance, ease of maintenance, heat radiation, allergens, cost and lifecycle, concrete performed better than all other flooring materials (full analysis can be viewed here).

Concrete flooring has a lifespan of almost an entire lifetime with products ranging between 20 and 50+ years, depending on the application. In terms of maintenance, concrete was much easier to maintain with most concrete options requiring no more than a mop with some warm water once a week.

Concrete also proved to be a lot better for those struggling with allergies to dust mites and also proved to not be susceptible to mold growth which comes with its own health concerns.

In pricing, the overall cost was much lower than other floors due to a combination of material affordability and longer lifespan, making replacement timeframes a lot longer than other flooring alternatives.

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