QUALITY cEMENT and Screed flooring

Cement and screed flooring solutions for interior and exterior residential, commercial and industrial applications.

living room with cement floor


Floor plaster is applied between 3 -5 mm thick on top of existing screed or on top of tiles in a variety of colours.

colour screed flooring

Cement-based hand applied flooring solution that provides an individualised look and feel on every floor.

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Concrete stain flooring

Water-based floor staining that penetrates concrete producing permanent colour with a colour range from translucent to opaque depending on the product.
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polished concrete flooring

Polished concrete flooring with a similar finish to polished stone, providing a durable, glossy finish to indoor and outdoor floor surfaces.

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INDUstrial concrete flooring

A variety of industrial flooring solutions designed to endure in demanding, high-performance environments.

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quartz stone flooring

Smooth finish with a natural quartz sparkle. Quartz stone flooring are the perfect indoor and outdoor surface due to its non-slip finish.

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room with vinyl floors

vinyl flooring solutions

A variety of vinyl floor options for application on top of cement screeds that are durable and perfect for residential to light commercial application.

Vinyl Flooring

We offer a variety on vinyl flooring solutions in the classic, luxury and superior quality range.

Vinyl flooring is perfect for residential and light commercial applications alike and due to its variety of colours and patterns can fit in perfectly with the decor of the environment it is applied in.

Vinyl can be applied over self-leveling or standard screed substrates, depending on the option chosen.

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screed floor leveling

Industrial flooring solutions

Cement-based flooring applied between 15 – 70mm thick to cement screeds and concrete surfaces in a variety of colours.

epoxy flooring

Roll-on epoxy coating designed to endure industrial demands. Highly durable and long-lasting surface.

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An alternative to epoxy flooring, polyurethane is high-impact, heat and chemical resistant making it perfect for industrial flooring applications.

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